Here at WMC we believe that – in a world of website builders, tools, plugins, solutions and everything else – the struggle to share your best info is getting easier if you can find the right tools. Now, when people approach us to build a website we often hear something like, “Why can’t we just use Wix or GoDaddy services or something to build a website?” Our answer is usually, “You can! But that won’t change our price. You’re paying us to develop an awesome visual identity and communication strategy for you – so we can use those tools if you want.” However, we usually follow this up with a stern warning that the extensibility, customizability and flexibility of their site will be severely crippled by these platforms… not to mention they have a less-than-stellar history with SEO semantics… but that’s a story for another post. Enter Divi…

Divi by ElegantThemes makes website building with WordPress a breeze!

We love divi here for a few reasons – but amongst the top reasons are:

1.) Divi packs an incredible amount of features into a single, well-developed and well-maintained builder/theme bundle.

2.) Divi is inherently more secure for the reason mentioned above – less to update, less to install, less backdoors and vulnerabilities.

3.) Compared to similar builders, Divi is incredibly well-tightened-up. Very few, if any, bugs emerge in the building process and it creates a smooth experience for builders.

4.) It’s price is incredible – we went from paying an extreme license fee every time we used a comparable builder to obtaining a single, very reasonable enterprise fee from Elegant Themes

5.) The scale of support and community members is probably the best I’ve seen for a theme bundle associated with WordPress. Being a best-selling WordPress solution, the speed and refined nature with which new features and updates are introduced gives WMC a great amount of confidence in its stability, longevity and position as a major player in the website builders arena.

The power of WordPress remains untouched with Divi!

One of the reasons we love WordPress so much is that we believe our customers must create and maintain a library of the BEST info… not just some crap provided by today’s never-ending “content creators” businesses for the sake of SEO or just having “content density”. You need density… but more than that need quality and relevance. WordPress allows our customers to maintain a base of content that they own, and can actively manage the SEO, styles, advanced configurations and many other advanced features you just don’t get with other website builders. Divi leaves that untouched and adds some incredible layout options that make our job AND our customers’ sites looking crispy and playing nice with search engines. Not to mention we can easily deliver the customizability options that other builders like WiX seem to make it their mission to complicate.

Did we mention they’re running a Black Friday sale?

So first off, let me mention that we’re not endorsed by or getting paid to write this article. We’re happy and frequent users of Divi – and when Elegant Themes mentioned they’ll give us some entries in an iMac Pro drawing to write this article, we had no problem taking the time to share our great experiences with Divi. This very blog site is built with an Elegant Themes solution called Extra, coupled with the Divi Builder. We would have done it without the potential for gain. Elegant Themes is bar-none one of the best theme and customer support providers for WordPress solutions – that is the official position of WMC. 😉

For a limited time, you can check out their Black Friday sale at this link: ElegantThemes’ Black Friday Sale!

We know we’ll be stopping by to see what deals they have to offer!

Stay warm this holiday season!!!