Check out this awesome hand-lettered wall by SixAbove Studios

CHG Healthcare is an insurance powerhouse in the healthcare industry. Dedicated to helping their clients offer the best coverage for their employees, CHG works around the nation with a magnitude of different organizations. Needless to say, this sort of operation requires dedicated sales professionals and extremely knowledgeable and committed staff. As an initiative to express the driving forces and commitment of its teams to providing the best-in-class service, CHG commissioned local artists across the country to hand-letter various statements supplied by their sales and service teams.

CompHealth is a CHG office located in Trumbull, CT and commissioned SixAbove Studios to design and produce this incredible example of hand-lettering excellence. WMC was contacted by SixAbove Studios based out of Norwalk, CT and offered the incredible honor and opportunity to be a part of this inspiring project. Jason Larche, owner and lead creative of SixAbove, wanted to document the project and teamed up with WMC for video production and hand-lettering assistance to complete the project in its short timeframe.

The design, personally composed by Jay and masterfully executed by his team, is an awesome display of the power of design. Words mean so much in an industry dedicated to personal relationships Рand artistic expression gives it flight. We hope CHG and CompHealth enjoy their hand-lettered wall, as it stands testament to the power of human relationships so interwoven in the lives of their professionals and customers.