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The WMC website has just launched and I’m excited to be following a passion of mine that’s been brewing for the better part of a decade. As the owner of Weapons of Mass Creation, I hope to bring you not only the best creative and marketing services around but an outstanding level of business and lifestyle content that you can enjoy.

Communication, design, media, business and most of all people are my passion. In my mind, those things can’t really be separated today in a world where information moves at quantum speeds and businesses are striving to serve people in ever new innovative and creative ways.

A new mission for rapidly accelerating times

So how does a business keep up with the intense pace of information? We’re all working to provide better, faster, smarter and more engaging ways of serving our customers and solving business problems… but I believe we’re also on the precipice of a number of paradigm shifts with regard to how we do business and communicate to the people we aim to serve.

The tenets and turmoil of social media, privacy concerns, political and cultural dialogue, business disruptors and a flood of never-ending headlines and opinion pieces – all seem to make this endeavor of communication an ever-growing pile of stress and anxiety for those of us who want to get on the wave and ride.

I believe the answer resides in a combination of getting back to our roots and getting out of this mode of reaction many of us find ourselves in when we try to keep up. Reaction isn’t the goal… response is. It’s no wonder the breakneck speeds of information and content are borderline, if not completely traumatizing at times. So how do we find that balance?

I think that some work must be done – by both businesses and this globally interconnected tribe of internet-dwellers – to get out of our own heads and start reaching outward instead of retiring inwards. What I mean by this is that as a business or an individual, we’ve become obsessed with showing each other how awesome or happy we are, or how incredible the things we do are, or how awesome our services are. Why not point at your audience? Give it a try and see how your response becomes vastly different.

A solution for the madness and a way forward for the masses

“But wait! People need to know what I/me/we/business/etc has to offer!” Maybe. People do care about you and your life and (maybe) your business, otherwise social media wouldn’t be a thing at all. But what I’m trying to say is that maybe we should stop trying to tell people about it ourselves, and instead engage the practice of caring about other people around us. How interesting would our news feeds and instagram posts be if we all stopped ourselves the moment we were about to tell everyone how awesome we are and to redirect our effort on finding something that someone else is awesome at?

People recognize excellence. They recognize it even more when it is touted by people other than who the excellence originates from. It speaks something into the soul of every human alive when they see or hear an example of excellence. In fact, WMC wouldn’t really be in business at all if businesses succeeded at spotlighting their customers more than themselves… because people would gravitate towards your business in droves if you made that a practice.

So, if you’re having trouble with this – that’s where we’ll always start when you schedule a consultation. We won’t even begin to look at your creative production until your communication strategy is straight. WMC is about creating outstanding visual and marketing communications for businesses that care about their customers first. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, give us a call at 1-888-WMC-NATN or send us an email.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to creating some incredible media you can share and enjoy. Please rate the article below by clicking on the stars, and share it via social media with your friends, family and coworkers if you found this interesting.


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