The Syracuse area has a very up and coming entrepreneurial community. In most communities this particular group may be stretched out and unknown. Not in Syracuse though, we have Boho Hobo which started out as a clothing company by Andy Padula and Kyle Fisk. Boho Hobo has transitioned into an entrepreneurial haven. 

Boho Hobo stands for Bohemian transient lifestyle. Which both Andy and Kyle try to live and show others. This idea came about on a road trip with friends on the way back from Phildeplia back in 2016. Now most people at first look might think that Boho is just a “hippy” lifestyle but in reality it is a platform for exploration of ideas, people, places and skills. 

Boho is a lifestyle brand that they share with the world. They go to different events and festivals to film things to gather content. The beauty of their brand is that it is forever changing and can fit all types of content into it. Boho still sells merchandise, Matcha Tea, event hosting and multimedia. 

Another part of Boho is the healthy lifestyle. Which means , mediating, healthier food, exercising. Boho likes to show you that outdoor activities are a good source of exercising. Boho has a holistically idea which empowers individuals by showing them they have the control within themselves. It is all about the mind of the individual. They sell Matcha Tea which most enlines with the holistic lifestyle. The Matcha Tea is healthier than coffee, gives you longer lasting energy, not acidic and so many other healthy benefits. The guys say it is their best seller because it really is just that good.

Boho created a podcast called Bindlism which highlights other entrepreneurs in the Syracuse area. It was originally just a platform just to talk about random thoughts. Andy listened to the podcast Short Story Long and realized they should also talk with people who are unique and relatable. The big difference in their podcast is that Boho interviews people who are on the grind and are just starting out instead of CEO’s. That is when the engagement started. It  turned into a platform for personal development. Bindlism is a way to interview and get to know other local entrepreneurs and creatives. Who wants to create new ways of thinking and personal development. Their definition for Bindlism is a philosophy to a sufficient lifestyle. Since everyone has a separate idea of what a sufficient lifestyle is. After the entrepreneurs appear on the podcast they are instantly connected to a big part of the entrepreneurial community of Syracuse which is the whole point of the podcast. 

Boho has interviewed 60 unique individuals on their podcast so far who are all predominantly from Syracuse. The podcast really just gives the interviewee an open platform to share their story and brand. The future of Boho Hobo is unknown but that is how they like it. They will continue to find unique and different people in the Syracuse area and show them off. A dream of theirs is to create an app that embodies the Boho Hobo lifestyle. We hope to see it soon and we are sure to hear about this amazing brand in the future. 

Check them out here!